About us

Thank you for your interest in our company. Our company enjoys an exceptional reputation that results from the dedication and hard work of our employees and our incomparable products.


Our core competencies as a formidable company is to have a strong-collective and a united working force to achieve our aims and objectives.

Our ideal approach in achieving our core competence is through effective communication and strong commitment in working across various boundaries especially in Ghana and the African Sub-Regions.

“We serve our customers with enthusiasm, innovation and discipline and for the company, we serve with loyalty”

Our Projects

We offer both Technical and professional advice to all our potential customers who are willing to do business with us and to also build a long-lasting relationship.

EPS can help you create any type of construction project like:

  1. Affordable Housing with EPS
  2. Cold Store projects
  3. Educational Facilities
  4. Corporate Facilities (Offices)
  5. Hospitality Projects (Guest House, Hotels etc)

Our clients prefer us because of our commitment with their projects and product knowledge. EPS is a very sustainable product that will help you build a more energy efficient building and at a cheaper cost. We are Ghana’s and West Africa’s more reliable Expandable Polystyrene manufacturer partner.

Virtus Ltd

Key Objectives

To collaborate with other private Investors both internationally and domestically to develop strategies that is viable for implementation in other to increase the polystyrene needs in the Country.

  • To coordinate with our clienteles to know their preference and satisfy them accordingly.
  • To generate Social Progress and economic prosperity in Ghana and other African countries.
  • To provide high quality and affordable polystyrene needs for Ghanaian’s and non-Ghanaian’s (foreigners).
  • To engaged in a global networked trading Investments among our clienteles.
  • To maintain long-standing relationships and partnerships with our customers.
  • To create an enjoyable, peaceful and conducive atmosphere for our staff.
  • To provide a unique fuel trading responsibility to the communities in which we operate.




Looking for a reliable & stable partner?

Virtus Ltd


Virtus Ltd- West Africa’s most reliable Expandable Polystyrene manufacturer





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